The Grace Project was a project 365 that I started back in January 2016 on Facebook.  It encouraged daily shooting while also challenging its participants with a monthly topic.  It was a warm, friendly, encouraging atmosphere in which its members assisted each other in composition, creativity, post-processing and overall photography questions and skills.  

In 2016, we focused on weekly one word topics. Everything is located in our facebook group. It was a motivational year to get people out shooting weekly, if not daily.

In 2017, we focused on photography skill set and learning.  All of the instructional materials can be found below. Members improved their composition and light skills throughout the year.

In 2018, we dedicated our time to a year long project based on Color. All of the materials are located below. At the end of the year, members had a colorful 12-month collage.

After three years, it was time to end the challengers. The group still exists, but more for check ins. I was an amazing three years and it certainly was wonderful running and teaching such a fun group of photographers!