The Smart Phone Epidemic

In spending my days out on the streets of Manhattan, I noticed the extreme reliance on today’s smart phones. Whether on the phone talking, or scrolling, or simply holding it in hand almost as a safety net, the smart phone has taken over. We no longer see magazines and newspapers. We see fewer people walking side by side talking to each other. Instead we have people connected everywhere, wanting answers and communication at every given moment, texting others while crossing the street, scrolling while walking side by side with another person, leaving it lying flat on a dinner table in a restaurant, face up, ready to be answered. Beautiful scenes are being passed by without notice. Studies show that the more we rely on smart phones, the less we individually remember. Our ability to remember even a short telephone number has become hindered simply because we are not trying to anymore! As I walk with my smart phone away, I feel a freedom and clarity in my mind. I can see more clearly now.